Heat Pump Installation In Cookeville, TN

Heat Pump Installation In Cookeville, TN, and Surrounding Areas

Due to a lack of skill and experience, many heat pump systems are improperly installed. Improper installation can decrease the heat pump’s efficiency and performance. Moreover, numerous problems like leakage and comfort issues arise from improper installation. To avoid this get your heat pump installation performed by the experts in Cookeville at A to Z Heating and Cooling.

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What happens in a heat pump installation service?

You should know what happens in an installation service to ensure it goes smoothly. Before the installation service, our HVAC technician team will call you to let you know they are on their way.

- Discard the old HVAC system:

Before installing the heat pump system, our technician removes the refrigerant from the old HVAC system. A recovery machine and tank are used safely to remove the refrigerant.

- Preparing the installation area:

It includes installing a pad where the heat pump system will be placed. They are installed a little above the ground so snow and water cannot affect the heat pump system.

- Removing the indoor evaporator coil:

After preparing the area, the technician removes the indoor air handler and installs the evaporator coil of the new heat pump system.

- Installation of new line sets and additional wiring:

After removing the existing refrigerant line set, the technician installs the new copper refrigerant lines and ensures that the copper lines are insulated from every corner. Moreover, check if the condensate drain is properly installed, and there should be no curves or bends in the pipes.

- Installation of new voltage wires:

Our technician connects the high and low-voltage wires for heat pump operation and installs a new service disconnect box using the power supply from the existing electrical panel.

- Commissioning, testing, and cleaning:

After the installation, our technicians begin the commissioning process to allow the refrigerant to flow through the system. After successfully testing the heat pump system, the area is then cleaned.

A to Z Heating and Cooling technicians are here to help you with easy and reliable heat pump installation service!

A to Z Heating and Cooling technicians are skillful in installing the heat pump system in households. The technician follows all the instructions and uses the latest equipment to facilitate the installation. Call us and get effective and quick solutions to resolve HVAC problems. We specialize in heat pump installation in Cookeville.

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