Mini-split Installation In McMinnville, TN

Mini-split Installation In McMinnville, Cookeville, Cookeville, TN, and Surrounding Areas

Mini-split installation is high-in-demand nowadays because of its multiple benefits and modern design. It is also known as ductless HVAC as it has a separate indoor unit for each room to support multi-zoning and a single outdoor unit. A single outdoor unit can support at least four indoor zones.

Mini-splits are an ideal HVAC system for older and smaller homes because such homes do not support ductwork. Moreover, if you are looking for a system that is easy and inexpensive to maintain, mini-splits are the best option! So, contact us today!

Mini Split Air Conditioning

Advantages of investing in a mini-split system!

You get many advantages when you install a mini-split, some of which are mentioned below:

- No ductwork hassle

The installation cost increases due to the number of ducts required when you install a central furnace or AC. Moreover, scheduling a cleaning service every 3-5 years is essential to ensure safe operation.

- Useful throughout the year

Some versatile mini-split heat pumps that provide multi-zone cooling and heating throughout the year. You don’t have to invest separately in different cooling and heating units if you have a mini-split heat pump.

- Low electricity charges

Air ducts waste around 30% of energy annually, but the mini-split HVAC does not have any ductwork. Hence, mini-split installation helps in saving energy and electricity bills. A mini-split heat pump has high energy efficiency because it mostly relies on outdoor natural sources like air or geothermal energy.

- Eligible for energy rebate programs

If you switch to a mini-split, you also become eligible for various utility rebate programs. These programs are for those HVAC owners who switch to an energy-efficient HVAC system and support eco-friendly heating and cooling. You can check your state’s rebate program here.

A to Z Heating and Cooling offers world-class mini-split installation service at nominal rates!

You should hire extremely beneficial and cost-effective mini-split installation services from experienced professionals like A to Z Heating and Cooling LLC. We offer HVAC systems from the most reliable and best manufacturers. Contact us at (931) 389-8200 to learn more about mini-split installation.

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